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Our Films

Our internationally acclaimed films seek out the unexplored aspects of the human condition

Each new project expanded a corner of the human map. Each new story became a chapter in an emerging kaleidoscopic saga. We invite you to learn more about our short and feature film projects, including some of the first films in history with a majority of autistic actors.

The Werewolf's Girlfriend was our first collaboration with neurodivergent and autistic actors. It is a short scene, involving a single conversation. The Actors were given basic instructions and then were asked to perform the scene according to their best artistic vision. This experiment brought about everything Thunderfeather has become today. Runtime is 2 minutes, 38 seconds.

Ogres are known for two things. Eating snacks, and being true to their hearts. This Ogre in particular finds that sometimes it's hard to do both. This is a loose in-world addition to Thunderbird and Ziggy. This film sought to highlight struggles with mental illness. The Ogre will return in our feature film. Runtime is 7 minutes, 15 seconds.

The Thunderbird was our first film project and the source of our name, Thunderfeather. Anderson is a young boy who doesn't necessarily act... normal. He finds himself hand-in-hand with something that should be terrifying... a werewolf. Together the two adventure through the woods of Anderson's underlying emotions, and along the way they meet spirit guides, lost kids, and pirates. In the end, he finds out something about himself that maybe 'normal' people would never understand anyway. A majority of the actors are on the autism spectrum. Anderson will return in our feature film. Runtime is 13 minutes, 4 seconds.

Ziggy's brain is a little... different. Before meeting Anderson she had her own adventure through the woods. Through her wanderings, she learned what it maybe means to be a monster, and maybe what it never meant at all. As a prequel to the Thunderbird, Ziggy allowed us to further explore our style and filmmaking capabilities. This film prioritized working with actors on the autism spectrum. Ziggy will return in our feature film. Runtime is 13 minutes, 50 seconds.

Unreleased. M011y is a robot in a post-apocalyptic world. As the very first android with human emotions, she wonders what she's worth, or if she has any real value at all.  This film sought to highlight issues facing objectification and personhood. M011y will return in our feature film.

Currently in post-production. The Druid is an exploration into one of the side-characters introduced in Ziggy. It's a dialogue-less exploration into nature, connection, and the different kinds of languages we all speak. Sometimes words aren't needed.

Our current project is a feature film called
Stories From Anotherworld: A Collection of Interdimensional Tales


This film was conceived as a collaboration between neurodivergent actors and those considered neurotypical. The film will be presented as an anthology of stories from worlds that are not our own—worlds discovered and documented by the prominent transdimensional researcher John Cornish. As John investigates 'artifacts' from these other worlds, we get to explore the stories behind them. Together with Cornish, we'll meet not-so-nonhuman robots, monsters in the woods, ships that go around on wheels, heroes of the super-est variety, and Ogres on fantastical road trips. The film is currently in production, and we want to extend a spectacular, interdimensional thank you to everyone who is helping make this production possible! Also, monthly donors automatically get on the waitlist for tickets to our future premiere! See our Donate page to learn more!

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