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 Thunderfeather is A nonprofit devoted to educational, film-based experiences which explore Neurodivergent stories. We have created some of the first films in history with a majority of actors on the autism spectrum.

Our independent films started with the simple desire to tell a story...

...and once we discovered it would be a story including autism, we realized our projects could offer so much more than we primarily envisioned. Visit our short films page to learn more about the first films in history with a majority of actors on the autism spectrum.

After those films we moved on to something bigger...

...something we never expected - a feature! We are currently in production of the first full-length film with a neurodiverse cast and crew. Click the link to learn more about how we're weaving neurodivergent, and specifically autistic themes into our story!

And then more and more came to help...

...Each person joining the team was like a lightning bolt. It seemed like there was a place for them before they even showed up. Meet our Executive Team and some of the Actors involved, a list to which we are adding new people to all the time!

Please consider helping us continue toward our goals... many individuals on the spectrum believe they will never have the opportunity to be a part of filmmaking because of existing stigmas and prejudices. Please join us in the fight to create a world in which these stories are not just welcomed, but celebrated!

Pick up a one-of-a-kind Thundy T today!

Everything for sale in our shop goes to support our mission! See what cool things we've added on our T Shirt rotation this month!

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