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How we use Donations

After accounting for any fundraising costs, donations at Thunderfeather are generally divided into 40% administrative costs and 60% program costs. Administrative costs include insurance, subscriptions, equipment, any salaried work and "keeping the lights on" for the organization as a whole. Program costs include actor and production assistant wages, props, costumes, locations, transportation, puppets, magic wands, ogre snacks and any other costs related to the actual production of the film. 100% of donations designated and intended for Thunderfeather will be used in completing our mission of creating therapy-based film experiences. 

Premiere Tickets

 Once the premiere is (or premieres are) announced, it is anticipated that tickets will be released and offered to monthly donors in the order they signed up depending on availability. It is likely that in addition to our Utah premiere(s), events in multiple additional locations may also be planned. Monthly donors will be made aware of such events as soon as they are officially scheduled.  Regardless, upon release, each monthly donor will be given an opportunity to view a streamed version of the film online.


All funds given to Thunderfeather by our donors constitute gifts. Likewise, anything given to our donors also constitute gifts of appreciation for their support of Thunderfeather and in no way represent an exchange or purchase of any kind. When filing taxes we encourage each and every donor to consult with their accountant on how best to represent these charitable donations on their tax documents.

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