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You can make a spectacular difference in the lives of autistic individuals. Because of donations from people like you, we've been able to provide many opportunities for neurodivergent actors, but it doesn't end there. Our mission is to help as many as possible. Every additional donation of any size enables us to include more and more filmmaking opportunities and turn the world into a kinder, more colorful and accomodating place for a group of people who are so often excluded.

Monthly Donors get on the waitlist for premiere tickets. We'll also send you an autographed page from the original script and a FREE STICKER every month!

Sign up before January ends to receive the OGRE sticker, a custom watercolor by a neurodivergent artist! You can watch the Ogre short film on our films page.

It's quick and easy to donate! 


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* For more information on the premiere, and to learn how we use donations, please visit our info page.

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